Guidelines for Oral Presentation

In order to maximize your experience please see the instructions below.

1. Presenters are requested to remain present throughout their scientific session.
2. Presenters will get 6-8 minutes for their oral presentation.
3. Question answer session will be at the end of the scientific session.
4. All presenters are requested to join in the live session with their own names.
5. All presenters are requested to switch on their cameras.
6. Presenters have 2 minutes to upload their power point presentation. If they are unable to upload their power point presentation, their already saved PowerPoint will be uploaded.
7. Presenters who are unable to connect within two min will be given another chance to present at the end of the session.
8. Please keep your mics off while others are presenting.
9. Please keep your mobile phone on silent mode.

Instructions for slides:

1. Be sure to keep the same layout through out the Power point slides.
2. Be sure that the content of the slides are not too detailed.
3. Avoid animations, audio, videos and interactive material on slides.

IMPORTANT: Last date to submit the power point slides in given template is Tuesday 5th July, 2022.