Guidelines for Oral Presentation

1. Oral presentations will be live sessions and will be moderated by session chairs.
2. Oral presenters will have to be available during their respective sessions. In case they are unable to be present during the session, they are requested to send a prerecorded audio presentation to the organizers (which will be used as a back up also). Priority will be given to live presentation.
3. Slides for both live and prerecorded audio presentations should in power point format.
4. The oral presentations should be about 6-8 minutes; the limit should not be be exceeded.
5. Please use the conference PPT template to prepare your presentation.
6. The power point presentation should contain maximum 8-10 slides. Including the following information:

  • Title
  • Authors (with contact details including e-mail address and the name of your institution)
  • Background
  • Objectives, Hypotheses
  • Method: Sample, Measures, Procedure
  • Results
  • Conclusion,Implications and limitations
7. IMPORTANT : Last date to submit the soft copy of power point slides in given template is Thursday 30th September 2021.
8. IMPORTANT : Last date to submit prerecorded audio presentations is Thursday 30th September 2021.

Instructions for slides:

1. Be sure to clearly indicate your title, author names and affiliated institutions on the first slide.
2. Be sure to keep the same layout through out the power point slides.
3. Be sure that the content of the slides are not too detailed.
4. Avoid animations, audio,videos and interactive material on slides.

Instructions for live session:

1. On the day of your session you should have a stable internet connection for the presentation.
2. It is requested to join your live session with your own name, with the camera switched on.
3. It is requested to properly dressed up for the live session and face the camera during your oral presentation and during the question and answer session.
4. In order to prepare you for the LIVE session and to ensure it will run smoothly, we ask you to join a technical briefing/rehearsal session closer to the conference dates.
5. In chat option will be available for question and answers for the audience to participate whereas, presenter should be available in the live session for question and answers.