The Conference is aimed to facilitate mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) experts and managers in designing, implementing, and evaluating mental health and psychosocial support projects and activities for emergency-affected and displaced populations in humanitarian settings. It will provide a forum for experts from various disciplines to discuss the collective and contextual elements of consequences of adversities and possible solutions for the mental health issues faced by migrants, displaced, and the affected community. The participants would learn in how to improve the collective reactions to adversity, social cohesion, social supports, identities, and social context in determining individual and social wellbeing after disasters. Finally, our objective is to explore innovative solutions to address issues and challenges that all stakeholders face to work for mental health of migrants. The conference will direct the attention of the stakeholders for purposefully weaving mental health into their plans to reach the Afghan Migrants and host communities. Participants would know the necessary wellbeing and mental health goals for the Afghan migrants and host communities at individual, community, and country level.

Conference Themes

Each theme given below will be addressed in context of impact on mental health outcomes for Afghan Migrants.

1. Mental health issues and challenges

2. Stigma, discrimination, and marginalization

3. Protection risks and mental health

4. Building sustainable community

5. Gender disparity in mental health

6. Children and adolescents

7. Institutional and structural challenges and issues

8. Resilience and coping

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