Poster Presentations

Abstract Submission for Poster Presentation is closed.

Based upon themes of the conference poster presentation will be invited that can be:
(a) Theoretical paper,
(b) Papers based upon empirical data
(c) Artwork

Following are the themes:
1. Trauma and violence and interventions
2. Restoring safety, control, and predictability
3. Emergency and crisis intervention
4. Care, protection, and management
5. Psychological management on borders
6. Addressing stigma, discrimination, and marginalization of Displaced Afghans
7. Engaging host communities
8. Empowering women, children and youth
9. Empowering through education
10. Promoting resilience and coping
11. Policy making and strategies for promoting inclusion, diversity, and peace

Evaluation Criteria

  • Separate criteria for evaluation will be made for each category of poster presentation.
  • Posters will remain displayed in the hall for the whole day. These can be witnessed by the participants throughout the day.
  • Experts in the field will evaluate posters based upon defined criteria.
  • Three best posters will be awarded shields.


Dr. Irum Naqvi
(Assistant Professor)
Poster Presentation Coordinator