assets/img/ScientificCommittee/DrAnila.jpg 8th International Conference on Mental Health and Productivity: The Emerging Challenges for Youth


Dr. Lawrence H. Gerstein (Professor)
Ball State University, Indiana, USA

Topic: Sports for Youth Development and Social Change
Dr. Glenn Williams
Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, England

Topic: How You Can Enhance Your Individual & Collective Resilience for a More Sustainable and Just Way of Life

Dr. Hans Koot (Professor)
Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Topic: Dealing with child problem behavior: The why, what and how of early interventions
Jeremy DW Clifton
University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, USA

Dr. Susmita Halder
Department of Psychology, St Xavier's University Kolkata. India

Topic: Digital addiction and mental health in youth
Dr. Anila Kamal (Professor)
Vice Chancellor, Rawalpindi Women University,
Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Dr. Seema Pervez (Rtd. Professor)
Lindsey Blom (Professor)
Ball State University,

Topic: Sports for Youth Development and Social Change Muncie, USA

Dr. Aparna Nadig (Associate Professor)
McGill University School of Communication Sciences and Disorders,
Montreal, Canada

Topic: Towards the inclusion of adults on the autism spectrum in employment: the value of employment support services