Pre-Conference Worksops

Integrating Clinical Hypnosis and Compassion Focused Therapy Interventions in Treatment of Trauma

by Dr. Imran Yousaf Muhammad and Dr. Sobia Aftab

on 11th October, 2021

Workshop titled Integrating Clinical Hypnosis and Compassion Focused Therapy Interventions in Treatment of Trauma" was conducted by Dr. Imran Yousaf Muhammad (Founder and Chairmen of Transformation International Society, Sitara Imtiaz holder, Mental Health Professional and NLP Trainer) and Dr. Sobia Aftab (Associate Professor and Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Institute of Clinical Psychology, University of Karachi) on October 11th, 2021. The workshop received a prodigious response from professionals of the field and students. In the first session of workshop, resource person explained about compassion- focused theory which includes the explanation of neurobiology and physiology of attachment and attachment styles, childhood traumas alongwith its associated thinking patterns, feelings, and behavioral responses. Resource person helped the participants to understand healing power of compassion for trauma and attachment ruptures. In the second session resource person explained hypnosis and its combined effect with compassion to help the clients with traumatic memories by changing unconscious patterns underlying the trauma. Dr. Imran Yousaf Muhammad and Dr. Sobia Aftab conducted multiple exercises which focussed on enhancing one's ability to develop compassion for oneself and others which included responding to simulated situations as well as technique for developing self approval and praise (including high-five and ramp walk techniques etc.) The last session of the qorkshop solely concentrated at minndfulness activities including soothing mindfulness, checking breathing patterns, imagining self compassionate image, and ZAP-IT technique for countering and altering reactions towards negative stimuli. Workshop ended with concluding remarks of Director NIP, Prof. Dr. Rubina Hanif who appreciated resource persons amd audience for a fantabulous controbution and distributed certificates.

Research Report Writing: Using APA VII Effectively

by Dr Aisha Zubair & Dr. Irum Naqvi

on 7th October, 2021

A one-day workshop on Research Report Writing using the new APA manual version VII was organized in connection with the upcoming conference. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Aisha Zubair and Dr. Irum Naqvi. The workshop catered to two important aspects of scientific research. One was the use of APA VII rules for writing a research report. The second aspect of the workshop was dedicated to highlighting the important aspects of a research report. The workshop was attended by researchers, teachers and students from different walks of life. The resource persons outlined the important changes made by the Seventh version of Publication Manual of American Psychological Association and the sixth edition of the manual. The workshop was highly interactive and simulation exercises. The participants discussed issued they experienced in referencing and had lengthy discussions with the resource persons.

Mindfulness Exercises for Mental Health: Role of Mindfull Meditation, Sufi Meditation, Tai Chi, and Mindful Breathing

by Haider Ali Shishmahal

on 30th September, 2021

An elaborative virtual training workshop on mediation technique titled “Role of Mindful Meditation, Sufi Meditation, Tai Chi, and Mindful Breathing” was conducted on September 30th, 2021 by prestigious resource person Haider Ali Shishmahal who ia a former Fulbright scholar from Harvard university. Workshop was attended by students and professionals. Multiple techniques were performed by the resource person. During the second session, resource person performed meditation technique of Tai Chi which was quite inspiring for all the participants.

Psychological First Aid and History Taking Skills from Patients

by Ms. Sadaf Arif

on 23rd September, 2021

Virtual workshop titled “Psychological First Aid and History Taking from Patients” was conducted by Ms. Sadaf Arif on September 23rd, 2021. The major focus of the workshop was to train the students who aspire to work in the field of clinical psychology. Workshop included extensive content starting from introducing oneself to patients till terminating the history taking sessions, communication skills, addressing linguistic barriers during sessions, mental status examination, and addressing ethical considerations. Training used variety of methods of learning including videos, quizzes, and role plays.

Unlocking Potential through Psychological Intervention

by Dr. Uzma Masroor

on 20th September, 2021

Workshop titled “Unlocking Potential through Psychological Interventions” was conducted by Dr. Uzma Masroor at National Institute of Psychology on September 20th, 2021. The workshop received an overwhelming response from professionals of the field and students. Workshop included extensive activities on identification of the problem, goal setting for that problem, and application of intervention in order to overcome the problems to acquire full potential. Dr. Uzma Masroor performed various imaginary and self-hypnosis exercises. Workshop ended with distribution of certificates and a group photo.

Caring for Self: A Guide to Physical, Psychological, Spiritual Health

by Ms. Sara Imtiaz

on 10th September, 2021

A one day workshop on the care of self was conducted at National institute of psychology. The presenter was Ms. Sara Imtiaz on the 10th of September 2021. The workshop discussed important aspects that are needed to take care of one’s emotional, physical and mental health. The workshop highlighted the idea that self-care is not synonymous with self-indulgence or being selfish. Self-care means taking care of oneself so that everybody can be healthy and performs our duties well. It can also help care for others. In short it can help us do anything to accomplish our goals and accomplish a lot in a day. Self-care is part of the answer to how we can all better cope with daily stressors. Activities were conducted during the activity to highlight the ways participants could improve self-care routines for physical, mental and psychological health.

Emotional Intelligence for Vitality and Productivity

by Dr. Saima Kalsoom

on 8th September, 2021

The workshop focused on understanding our emotions and making use of optimum intelligence for maintaining our own emotions and those of others. The workshop elaborated upon the personal autonomy in maintaining our emotional health highlighted though different exercises how it is impossible to separate our feelings from our thoughts. The workshop presenter also highlighted how the brain is wired to make our emotions an essential part of who we are. We all feel excitement, fear, anger, joy, shock, concern, and thousands of other feelings. And those feelings affect all of our thoughts and actions, every day. Being self-aware is the key to understanding emotions. Some people can’t see it; they try to avoid their emotions. They suppress them, ignore them, and avoid them. And this is why they will stall in their work, their personal relationships, and their lives. And others think they know themselves better than anybody and refuse to take anybody’s suggestions to make themselves more emotionally intelligent. They are likely to be alienated. Self-awareness is where EI begins. The workshop also focused on the ability model of EI. Self-direction is about taking control of what goes on in your head. The workshop highlighted that interpersonal savvy individuals take time to know themselves and others.

Enhancing Wellbeing: Learning Basic Counseling Skills

by Ms. Saira Khan

on 3rd September, 2021

A one-day training workshop was delivered by Ms. Saira Khan on basic self-awareness for counseling skills like listening, rephrasing and the art of questioning. The workshop was attended by upcoming psychologists and professionals from the field of psychology and related disciplines. It was relevant to those who are seeking to enhance their interpersonal skills and develop a basic understanding of counseling process. The workshop overall focused on communication skills, counseling skills and skills that are needed to prepare participants for developing a basic understanding of a counseling session. The participant learned about and practice interpersonal and counseling skills.

Stress Management

by Dr. Raazia Bukhari

on 26th August, 2021

The second pre-conference workshop was successfully conducted by Dr. Raazia Bukhari (Assistant Professor/ Clinical Psychologist at SAZBIST, Islamabad). The workshop highlighted the step by step procedure of Stress Management, starting from defining stress and how to manage stress through different activity based techniques like daily mood charts, automatic thought record, decatastrophising and behavioral experiments. She provided the attendees with comprehensive procedures about how to overcome stress during Covid 19 situation. A helpful step by step guide on stress caused by social media through facebook, instagram and twitter was provided, along with how social media helped people during quarantine to overcome their pandemic stress. Different yoga and meditation techniques were shared via video clips. Along with this attendees also performed various mind and body relaxation techniques. Director NIP, Prof. Dr. Rubina Hanif, thanked participants and resource person at the end of workshop and distributes certificates.

Inaugural Pre-Conference Workshop (Virtual)
A User’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

by Ms. Laiba Ashraf & Mr.Fareed Ahmed

on 9th July, 2021

The first pre-conference workshop was successfully conducted by Laiba Ashraf (Social Media Director and Vice President of Young Psychological Association, Writer, and Psychologist). This workshop highlighted the step by step procedure of social media marketing starting from how to launch product in market through social media, finding out target audience for content sharing, finding appropriate platforms to share brand, publicizing the brand, business advertising, generating result charts and focusing on techniques or tricks related to it to market the product/business without spending money. The second half of the workshop was conducted by Fareed Ahmed (President and Director of Young Psychological Association) whose focus was on practical implementation of previously learned knowledge. He provided the attendees with step by step procedure about social media marketing through Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. A helpful step by step guide to media marketing was provided, along with detailed social media app usage guidance. Director, Prof. Dr. Anila Kamal, thanked participants and resource persons at the end of the workshop.