Conference Themes

Following are the themes. Submitted work can base on any one or multiple themes that needs to be mentioned while submitting abstract.

Youth Mental and Physical Health

Disorders and Disabilities
Suicide Prevention and Awareness
Stress and Coping
High-risk Youth
Childhood Maltreatment and Youth
Trauma and Abuse
Impact of COVID-19
Physical Health and Quality of Life
Defiance and Conduct Problems
Sports and Youth

Youth Substance Abuse/Addiction

Youth and Addiction
Women and Addiction
Youth and Self Endangering Behavior
Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Dependence
Intervention and Prevention

Youth and Environment

Violence and War
Climate Change and Impact
Family and Conflicts
Stigma, Teasing, and/or Bullying
Discrimination and Inequality
Peer Pressure and Well-being
Human Trafficking

Gender Issues

Child Marriages
Gender Roles and Stereotypes
Patriarchy and Youth
Honour Killing
Sexual and Reproductive Health
Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Youth
Identity and Sexual Orientation

Youth and Technology

Impact of Social Media and Technology
Mental Health and Technology
Cyberbullying and Victimization
Online Gaming/Internet Addiction

Youth and Community

Prevention of Mental Health Problems
Juvenile Delinquency
Community Services
Understanding and Tolerating Diversity
Policy and Practice
Youth and Culture
Advocacy of Rights

Youth and Education

Assessments and Accommodations
Classroom Strategies and Interventions
Rights and Responsibilities
Social and Emotional Learning
Challenges for Online Learning
Life Skills and Youth
Youth and Economic Development
Poverty and Unemployment
Human Resource Development and Training
Career Development and Counselling
Sustainability and Empowerment
Innovation and Creativity